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29/04/2021 In the first major tournament of the season, The Ruth Jones Cup, the winners were Norman and Richard with the runners up being Brian and Geoff. The weather was kind on a day which is a celebration of deceased member Ruth Jones who was a very good player for the club over a number of years. We can be sure that she was smiling down om the afternoon's events and giving advice in her strong vocal accent from Wales. Her approval can be taken for granted. The day was rounded off with the obligatory tea, cakes and a raffle.
29/03/2021 Green opens today with the erection of the Marquee. Volunteers are needed to help with this job, although because of the restrictions we are limited to 6 people. Please advise Tony if you are able to assist.

24/02/2021 The fixtures for the 2021 season are now on the 2021 Calendar page but subject to Government Directives on when play can commence.